Indigenous Asylum Seekers Face Language Barriers and a Legacy of Oppression at the Border

July 11, 2019

Second Place

Category: Print/Online, Best Feature Story



Fort Worth SPJ

Indigenous Asylum Seekers Face Language Barriers and a Legacy of Oppression at the Border

April 19, 2019

First Place

Category: Defending the Disadvantaged

Judge’s comments:

Bernd’s exhaustive interviews and reporting highlight an especially disadvantaged population seeking asylum in the U.S. under increasingly hostile policies. Her story breaks new ground in explaining what is happening at the border, detailing specific injustices, rather than re-explaining arguments that already are well-documented. Bernd’s work struck most closely to the idea of “defending the disadvantaged,” telling an individual family’s story to illustrate the broader effects of U.S. immigration policies and procedures.



America’s Toxic Prisons: The Environmental Injustices of Mass Incarceration

November 15, 2018

Second Place

Category: Magazine/Trade Publications, Investigative Reporting

Second Place

Category: Magazines/Trade Publications, Environment/Nature Report



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Overall Body of Work

December 1, 2016

Category: Media

Judge’s comments:

Disappointed with the lack of media coverage of issues of importance in her community, Candice chose to devote her journalistic expertise to independent media. She has consistently reported on events and issues that truly give a voice to the otherwise voiceless. Her courageous and objective reporting of grassroots activism, injustice, and other progressive topics the media tends to ignore, uplifts all while promoting pathways to peace and reconciliation. We honor Candice for her journalistic excellence and for her heartfelt, humanistic stories of real-life struggles of the people seeking justice and a better life in North Texas and the world.